tez 整合timeline server

第一步 修改tez-site.xml配置文件

要求是tez 0.6.0 版本以上


  <description>Enable Tez to use the Timeline Server for History Logging</description>

  <description>URL for where the Tez UI is hosted</description>
第二步 下载war包 

下载tez-ui.war ,若是你不想编译的话 直接通过这个地址下载已经编译好的包


把tez-ui.war 方到tomcat 下面 ,若是你的rm和timeline server 部署在其他机器的话。需要修改

webapps/tez-ui/scripts # grep 8188 *

configs.js:     * By default TEZ UI looks for timeline server at http://localhost:8188, uncomment and change

configs.js:    // timelineBaseUrl: 'http://localhost:8188',

main.js:  return constructDefaultUrl(window.location, 8188);

# grep 8088 *

configs.js:     * By default RM web interface is expected to be at http://localhost:8088, uncomment and change

configs.js:    // RMWebUrl: 'http://localhost:8088',

main.js:  return constructDefaultUrl(window.location, 8088);

把localhost 改成相应的地址 。

重启tomcat 就可以

第三步 修改timeline server 配置

要求hadoop 版本是2.6.0以上


  <description>Indicate to clients whether Timeline service is enabled or not.
  If enabled, the TimelineClient library used by end-users will post entities
  and events to the Timeline server.</description>

  <description>The hostname of the Timeline service web application.</description>

  <description>Enables cross-origin support (CORS) for web services where
  cross-origin web response headers are needed. For example, javascript making
  a web services request to the timeline server.</description>

  <description>Publish YARN information to Timeline Server</description>
  <name> yarn.resourcemanager.system-metrics-publisher.enabled</name>





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